Gcorral Designs


It's not very often a designer gets to rebrand the company they work for and I took it as a personal challenge to bring AFS Printing into the modern age. When I first began work at AFS the existing identity had existed since the companies creation in 1994. It was western themed and rightfully so, before the wide spread use of the internet the horse town of Norco California needed a reliable printer who fit in well with the community and for many years the company was a success. But times change. 

Since the economic bounce back from the recession, people had become more money conscious and tech savvy out of necessity. They were able to find online retailers who could provide affordable print services but with little to no customer service or support. I needed a way to communicate that AFS was a modern press agency who could not only provide fast affordable turn around times but also keep the message that AFS will always help the client figure out exactly what they want and need. 

Using the 4 primary colors for all print production I was able to generate a cascade of hues assembled in a pixeline grid mimicking the diodes of a LED and paying homage to the roots of 4 color process. The primary typeface Core Sans was the ideal choice considering the crisp contours and bold command of the page. The lack of lower case characters, however, proved to be troublesome, fortunately, Eurostile fit perfectly as our secondary font and completed the group. The Western was out and the new modern was in. AFS was able to expand it's customer base 27% last quarter and has never been more productive or profitable.

Art Direction: Gabriel Corral Design: Gabriel Corral  /  2014