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World Wild Life Fund is an environmental conservation group whose aim is to protect and save the world's ecosystems. Primarily WWF is known for having profound and impactful ads with dynamic meanings and messages. These ads are notorious for employing powerful and sometimes gruesome concepts that many viewers would otherwise be blind to.


The primary challenge behind these ads is to communicate the idea of how much the life of one of these amazing creatures is worth. The ads needed to be clever with a strong message that would hit home for most viewers and would relay that message in a way that many could relate to.


The final solution engaged the viewer with a literal representation of these animals worth by creating them out of the very thing they are slaughtered for, money. The use of origami is integral because it helps this campaign in a two-part system. First, the printed ads display what the African Elephant, the Emperor Penguin, and the Mako Shark have been reduced to and how they have lost their humanity in a sense, and Second, these origami animals play an important role in this campaigns guerilla marketing. The origami animals would be dispersed in subway terminals, bus stops, libraries and street corners to entice the viewer to take them as money, the viewer would unfold the origami in order to spend the cash and would find it not legal tender but an ad for the world wildlife fund with information on the animal and a linked site to find out how they can help save these majestic creatures.


Art Direction: Gabriel Corral  Design: Gabriel Corral  /  2012